View Full Version : No BA pax service during lockdown

5th Nov 2020, 05:44
There is a rumour on the BAEC FT forum that BA will cease flying pax during lockdown and carry cargo only (apart from repatriation flights)

Anyone have knowledge which confirms or denies?

5th Nov 2020, 07:04
It's 8 am.

Instead of the usual 20 or so BA departures from LHR by this time there have been about half a dozen so far today, though all but one have scheduled flight numbers.

5th Nov 2020, 08:02
Could this be the reason? "If you live in England, you cannot travel overseas or within the UK, unless for work, education or other legally permitted reasons, and you should look to reduce the number of journeys you make."

5th Nov 2020, 10:28
The rumour is doing the rounds of a shutdown from 8th. Couple of things that may scupper this..
1. This sort of thing needs to be announced to the stock market before facebook
2. How on earth would all the stranded pax get home? Itíd cost BA a lot in combo and empty one way repat flights.
3. There are actually a few business routes that are still viable. Any shutdown would be handing cash to competitors.

I think thereís something in it though but maybe a significant reduction and or leverage with government to actually get their finger out and help aviation rather than choking the life out of it.

5th Nov 2020, 10:59
Rumour control from this end.
No longhaul except cargo ops.
About a dozen short haul flights per day to continue.
No domestic flights.

Almost all staff to be furloughed.

Just rumour?

Count von Altibar
5th Nov 2020, 11:56
Well it is a rumour forum so nothing wrong with that. Can't see much happening of a positive note until the Spring 2021, looks like BA are about to go into sleep mode for a while and I don't blame them. Best to take the government support and protect the business as clearly hardly anyone is flying due to the pandemic.

5th Nov 2020, 12:11
No domestic flights.

Departures so far today to Newcastle, Aberdeen, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Belfast would suggest that domestics haven't yet stopped.

5th Nov 2020, 12:50
Are the trains running, or are you really locked down domestically ?

Feathers McGraw
5th Nov 2020, 13:36
One acceptable reason for leaving your home is to go to work if you are unable to work at home. Given the reduction in passenger numbers I don't know how much of a service continues, but the government has effectively nationalised the train operating companies because their business model and franchise has effectively had the rug pulled out from under it.

5th Nov 2020, 13:45
If they don't nationalize BA and run the trains themselves, won't that put BA out of Domestic business forever?

Feathers McGraw
5th Nov 2020, 14:07
Good question, if I knew the answer to that sort of thing I might have a share portfolio to support me in my old age.

5th Nov 2020, 14:32
We have had two BAW flights from Heathrow today, with two more scheduled. Then again, we are not in lockdown.

5th Nov 2020, 15:07
Flew on BA Monday, flight was delayed as the crew were waiting their CV19 test results. What to do, everything is stacked against passenger airlines at the moment, I wonder how the crews manage with this extra stress.

5th Nov 2020, 16:08

Certainly it was a rumour (which included the furlough aspect) circulating late last night on one Social Media conduit and the source was..other Social Media...however today I've heard/read other stories that might mean there is some credibility to all this..

5th Nov 2020, 16:10
Departures so far today to Newcastle, Aberdeen, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Belfast would suggest that domestics haven't yet stopped.
Takes effect on Monday. Just been confirmed. Good luck everyone.

5th Nov 2020, 16:31
If they don't nationalize BA and run the trains themselves, won't that put BA out of Domestic business forever?

why would it? despite the fact there's 10% of people using the trains, the prices are still the ridiculous prices they were before. Cheaper to fly to Scotland than to train it almost every time.

king surf
5th Nov 2020, 16:48
Takes effect on Monday. Just been confirmed. Good luck everyone.
Confirmed by Who?

5th Nov 2020, 16:49
It 100% hasn’t been confirmed. At the moment the network plan is for a larger operation than April and May lockdown, but massively scaled back on the original Nov schedule.

5th Nov 2020, 16:51

Yes trains are still running, -both long distance and local - to a reduced schedule.

5th Nov 2020, 16:57
We are currently running about a 90% timetable going up to a 100% timetable from the start of December.
Side note; the trains are pretty much empty.

5th Nov 2020, 17:21
90% and 100% of what?

5th Nov 2020, 18:16
I was scheduled DFW-LHR-BCN today Nov 5th on AA and then BA for the second leg. By chance I checked my reservation last night on the AA website only to find out that my BCN leg was no longer there. No notification whatsoever from BA. Called AA and I was rerouted via MAD instead. Really frustrating as if I hadn’t checked my reservation I would have gotten an unpleasant surprise when checking in at the airport and possibly not being able to be rerouted that same day.

This r/t trip BCN-DFW-BCN has resulted in a total of four flight cancellations with the following rebooking. The previous three I was promptly notified by AA about the changes. Traveling internationally today, especially with a connection, is definitely not for the faint hearted. No wonder private flying is on the up and up for those who can afford it.

5th Nov 2020, 18:23
Confirmed by Who?

5th Nov 2020, 18:52
We have a family friend who is BA CC. He has just flown to SIN with 46 passengers in Y, 14 in C -and none in F under his 'new' contract. This was his first flight in five months. He returns tomorrow to furlough until (up to) March.

5th Nov 2020, 19:12
Got email from BA this afternoon saying our flight ANU-LGW on 15th now cancelled. Not sure how we are going to get home. Worse places to get stuck I suppose.
oh dear, what a pity never mind, as the pub landlord would say.

5th Nov 2020, 20:59
Dare I ask if BA have offered/suggested any options for getting back (e.g. via the States)?

5th Nov 2020, 21:15
Yes I have seen the plan
L/H almost all services stopped from 7/11- 2/12 the list is extensive and the start and end dates Slightly vary
S/H Lots of routes the same
S/H most domestic running but drastic frequency reductions from the 15th
A few S/H Euro flights but very reduced frequency
So it’s close to shutdown aligned with U.K. lockdown

5th Nov 2020, 21:36

It seems I may be able to see options once the flight has been removed from the system. Heard via somebody else we may have some news in morning.
Looks as if there may be some repatriation flights, which will mean cutting short our holiday. Not ideal, but can’t really blame BA either. Lots of their staff much worse off than us.

5th Nov 2020, 21:47
Oh dear, all a bit pants whichever way you look at it..hope you get home OK, Good Luck..

6th Nov 2020, 07:54
Due to travel LHR-GLA on 10/11. This morning the app says itís cancelled, BA.com flight status page says it cancelled (only one rotation operating that day), but you can still book it on BA.com and the call centre claim itís going ahead... Iíve already booked a replacement train ticket and look forward to the refund battle, but it really is a bit of a sh*tshow.

And the BA booking was to replace an already cancelled EZY booking into the bargain.

(Before anyone tells me how badly airlines are suffering I know first hand, Iím going to LGW for an LPC)

6th Nov 2020, 18:22
Even during the lockdown BAW operated a skeleton service for key workers and repatriation. Iíd guess that will still happen on a lot of their core routes.

6th Nov 2020, 18:47
Was given repatriation flight tomorrow, managed to put this back to Monday. No WT+ available but at least we only lose 6 days holiday rather than 8.

7th Nov 2020, 09:49
BA customer service is working better this time. Email on 2 Nov to say, as expected, that our ANU trip booked for 22 Nov was off, options outlined, SMS to follow. Txt duly arrived later in the day, simple reply of 1 digit (the option) and full refund credited the next day. I have no complaints.