View Full Version : UA 767 aborted take off at EBBR

15th Aug 2002, 18:08
Just heard on the news (TV1) that a United Airlines 767 aborted take off in Brussels and ended up in the grass next to the runway.
Passengers evacuated and resheduled on later flights
Anybody have some more info?

Kalium Chloride
15th Aug 2002, 19:40
BRU inspectorate tells me that it happened yesterday, 767-300 operating BRU-IAD as UA951.

Aborted t/o for "technical reasons", aircraft brought to stop on rwy.

Aircraft didn't skid off side or end of rwy but instead taxied down taxiway where pax were evac'd.

Nothing too dramatic, thankfully.

17th Aug 2002, 14:18
Aircraft concerned ferried BRU-JFK yesterday 16/08 (UAL9187)
B767-300 registration N643UA

17th Aug 2002, 17:57
Can you check that ferry to JFK?
I understand the nš1 engine stalled twice yesterday during a 60kt test run and will now require an engine change in Brussels.

17th Aug 2002, 20:09
aircraft did not get airborn to jfk. still at bru, awaiting engine change. no further info