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3rd Jul 2020, 03:36
The NTSB in their just released(June 15) final report on this accident that, "... the airplane lost speed and lift and landed hard on the runway suffering a tail strike before they were able to climb." and reported that the probable cause was a "small microburst." This is, to me, an amazing probable cause. To me the probable cause was the lack of timely information being provided from ATC regarding previous aircraft windshear reports, intentionally flying into a cell (from the CVR: "That thing a really is just like on the approach end isn't it?") along with improper procedures.

"The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be:
an encounter with a small microburst on short final at low altitude that resulted in a loss of lift and a tail strike during the go-around. Contributing to the accident was the captain's decision to continue the approach without applying appropriate windshear precautions in accordance with published guidance."

Accident report is at https://app.ntsb.gov/pdfgenerator/ReportGeneratorFile.ashx?EventID=20150818X14949&AKey=1&RType=Final&IType=LA

Docket is at https://dms.ntsb.gov/pubdms/search/hitlist.cfm?docketID=63900&CFID=515180&CFTOKEN=d473d557aeb49cf6-B8A7B68A-5056-942C-927B3E9C31430C3B

3rd Jul 2020, 22:15
Is there a trace for lateral wind, inside the data package?

3rd Jul 2020, 23:30
Coincidentally, 26 years + 1 day ago, almost to the minute: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USAir_Flight_1016

Charlotte + summer cells = be ready for anything.

4th Jul 2020, 02:25
Miscellaneous parameters in Figure 9 show 2D wind direction and speed. The acceleration spikes seem to be a result of ground contact. Vertical speed goes from - 600 to - 1200 fpm in the few seconds before touchdown while the 2D wind flops around. Alpha is not shown in the FDR report. It could be interesting.

See Flight in Low-Level Wind Shear, Frost 1983 for equations with 3D wind components.