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14th Aug 2002, 01:29
Just a quick note to anyone who has any idea on where to start and what is required in the production of performance data for the Metro II aircraft.

I have recently been given the glorious position of 'performance engineer' for my company's Metro II fleet. Having not done anything like this before, I plead with you all - HELP!:eek:

Cheers and Beers

14th Aug 2002, 11:57

I seriously doubt that yours is the first airline to operate the Metro II. Hence there is almost certainly the performance data you need available from some source.

I would certainly investigate the cost-benefit ratio of buying this data in. After all, you are paid to be a pilot (I assume) and so your main role is to operate aircraft, not mess with paperwork.

Genghis the Engineer
14th Aug 2002, 13:47
Doing a quick check, the type has an FAA type certificate, as well as a CASA one. To obtain a TCDS, the original applicant should have obtained the data you need. I'm surprised it isn't in the POH?

If, you asked a reputable FTE to carry out the testing to prepare the data you need from scratch, I doubt you'd get change from 25 hrs testing, and depending upon what was required, you might get as far as 100 hrs. This, plus the write-up work, would cost you a fortune - it's just not worth trying.

If I were you, my first point of call would be Fairchild or the FAA, they should have produced all the data for FAA certification, and that should certainly be acceptable to CASA. At worst you should only need to top and tail some of this data, perhaps taking some of this and producing specific charts for your own company's operations, and wrap it up into a company operations manual.

If you want some steers on how to manipulate the data into a suitable operations manual, the old British code "BCAR Section K" as well as the CAA document "CAP 385, Specimen performance Charts, Group A" will help you through it. There may be CASA or FAA equivalents, but I'm not sure where to find them. (CAA docs can be ordered from Documedia, http://www.documedia.co.uk/

Unless you love the maths, you might be better off employing a consultant who can prepare the sort of charts you need in a fraction of the time. I do this sort of thing if you get really desperate, but if I read your address correctly, we're opposite ends of the planet, and you might try contacting John Tullamarine, who can almost certainly point you at somebody qualified to handle the task for you (with the added advantage of that somebody probably being known to CASA already, which is likely to help).


14th Aug 2002, 14:37
The local requirements are in a state of flux with the changeover to manufacturers' flight manuals.

P2T2's problems relate not to the production of base performance data ... rather the production of line crew usable data. If he is tied up with an RPT operation, CASA's requirements get a bit specific.

If you would like to send me an email, we can then make contact by phone, perhaps, and I can offer suggestions. Certainly there is a number of chaps in the local region who are quite acceptable to CASA for the production of such data ..... even me.

Some of the chaps who do this work locally are interested pilots with no engineering background and they seem to do a reasonable job ... if you have an interest in the subject matter ... you could do well to get stuck into and learn the trade the hard way ....... the rest of us would be only too happy to give you a bit of a hand ....