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13th Aug 2002, 17:30
As I recall, BA were cycling in the Chatham tails as each vomit er... innovatively painted aircraft was repainted according to schedule renewal.

At LHR the other day transferring from YYZ to ORK, there seemed to be still a lot running around with the other schemes. When are they likely to be fully done?

Once again, the only nice thing associated with the hell that is the T1 80-90 pier was watching Conc do her stuff at about 1045 I think it was... go big bird go :D

13th Aug 2002, 19:54

It doesn't answer your question directly, but if you go to


and click on "BA Fleet (summary by Aircraft type)" it will give you a list of all the aircraft and their current livery 'status'. There's also a "Latest Fleet News" section with details of the aircraft about to be repainted, and a gallery with all the different tails in.

Hope this helps

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