View Full Version : Which EU governments agreed on aid?

7th Apr 2020, 20:03
Hi there,
Any info on which governments in the EU have already agreed on aid to the airlines, and on what conditions?

7th Apr 2020, 20:16
Not sure this is what you were asking but EUROCONTROL just announced a deferral of fees (New Member I can't post a link).

SMT Member
7th Apr 2020, 20:44
Denmark and Sweden are bailing out SAS with a 2BN DKK loan guarantee, and a further promise they'll "do what it takes" to get the airline through the crisis. The vast majority of staff have been sent home with up to 30K DKK of their monthly salary paid by the state, the balance by the company.

The Netherlands and France have agreed they'll do what it takes to keep AF/KL afloat, and the German government has done the same with Lufthansa. Apart from Lufty employees going on "kurzarbeit", I don't know the terms.

8th Apr 2020, 07:28
Thanks, guys.
Any further information would be appreciated.

Wing Commander Fowler
8th Apr 2020, 09:08
According to the press Easyjet have secured a £600m bailout. I believe it to be a loan on competitive terms.

8th Apr 2020, 10:36
Not EU, but still EEA: Norway has offered help to SAS, Norwegian, and Widerĝe.

8th Apr 2020, 21:35
German government done the same for Tui

9th Apr 2020, 06:49
Brilliant, thanks