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24th Mar 2020, 10:17
Hello, hope all of you are safe of this virus. I am a Captain on ATR in this company. They will stop operation by the end of this month, no more tourists. Before that they stopped all pilots from outside. Reason I am writing this is what they did with foreign pilots.
First they gave us full salary for the period we worked, second they helped us with visa problems. Most of us has a problem going back, considering many countries closed the borders, my country Serbia too. So we are stuck here who knows how long. They are thinking to give us some money to help with apartments.
I have never seen company who wants to help this much, and I worked everywhere in this world, I am 60 by the way. I can not say enough thank you for what they did. Even local pilots offer to help in anyway they could.
So when this is over and this company starts again consider coming here to work with this great people.

Jetscream 32
24th Mar 2020, 11:28
Not often you hear of aircrew gushing praise for their leadership - sounds like they have empathy, experience and are jolly good chaps/chapesses running things. Nice to hear - Well done!

24th Mar 2020, 13:13
Nice to hear some good news for a change. Thanks for posting it.

24th Mar 2020, 13:27
Sounds like an airline that deserves to survive

king surf
24th Mar 2020, 14:31
Well done ED, ex BMED

24th Mar 2020, 17:29
It is so nice to see different workgroups and even different airlines coming together to help each other out. Two days ago my wife and a colleague (both DL) were trying to jumpseat ATL-PIT on Southwest. (Most DL flights were canx'd.) Wife had a listing in the system, colleague didn't. Thought she was going to be left behind. A deadheading Southwest pilot got off the aircraft, went to the desk and bought my wife's colleague a buddy pass so she could get home - wouldn't even take any payment for it. Ended up getting home 12hrs earlier than she would have if she'd waited for the only DL flight left operating that day.