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22nd Mar 2020, 15:42
Why are aircraft from China, Iran and Italy still arriving in UK? These are the worst affected countries in this stressing time, why O why aren't the Airports/Border agency etc not either preventing the aircraft landing in UK at all or properly screening each passenger/crew member? Farcical!

22nd Mar 2020, 16:12
Cannot understand why you include CHINA....for the time being imho CHINA its now the most safe place on Northern Hemisphere, regarding Covid...my 2 cents :)

22nd Mar 2020, 18:04
JanetFlight, I have a bridge for sale

22nd Mar 2020, 19:18
And I'll raise you ... why are Qatar popping into and out of BSL?

22nd Mar 2020, 21:50
And I'll raise you ... why are Qatar popping into and out of BSL?

Probably delivering much needed freight

kiwi grey
22nd Mar 2020, 22:45
The Chinese aircraft are maybe delivering medical aid https://simpleflying.com/chinese-airlines-aid-flights/

23rd Mar 2020, 08:39
In the case of taly, the OP has a point - Alitalia are still flying scheduled passenger services between LHR and both Rome and Milan, albeit at a reduced frequency.

23rd Mar 2020, 11:23
Probably delivering much needed freight
Since Basel is a Pharmaceutical hub, they are more likely picking up rather then delivering goods.

23rd Mar 2020, 16:47
As regards Qatar at BSL, the flights seem to be 'midway' between Doha and Atlanta and Doha and Mexico City respectively .... so not 'out and back' missions. Other ideas still welcomed.

23rd Mar 2020, 23:31
BSL is a weapons/ammunition hub. Saudia B747 Cargo are regulars, as are Turkish and Lebanese freighters. Just saying'

24th Mar 2020, 08:26
Main reason for passengers flights is repatriation, so people flying back to their home country. Some airlines are flying empty passenger flights (777's mostly) only for the belly cargo.