View Full Version : If you don't know.... [about the airline]

13th Mar 2020, 23:13
Ladies and Gents,

Comments about airlines that you don't work for, or know anything about.....

Please don't speculate or make comments about... some good friends of mine do fly for them, and can do without this detritus


13th Mar 2020, 23:41
Word. If you know, you know. If you don't, keep it for your mates at the pub.

14th Mar 2020, 00:01
Yeah, well said. Fancy putting up rumours on a rumour site.
Oh, hang on a moment ...

14th Mar 2020, 00:04
The comments and behavior alluded to in #1 are what is dragging this ONCE valuable Board into oblivion.

Contrary to the stated start date i have been here since PPRUNE was a broadsheet in the "90s.

Loose rivets
14th Mar 2020, 00:45
Yes, yes, yes, but the thread starter really shouldn't have shouted. :p

Pilot DAR
14th Mar 2020, 02:21
Our industry is facing some unprecedented changes. We can, and should, discuss it. However, our colleagues are here too, and they may be affected, so let's apply some discretion and compassion in the posts - please...

Pilot DAR