View Full Version : Vietnam Airlines nCvo policy -26 deg C Cabin Temp

10th Feb 2020, 12:50
Just seen the airline policy which Vietnam Airlines say on 'medical advice ' to keep the cabin temp at 26 C .
Evidently the corona virus activity is slowed above 25 deg...what is the average temp around the asia pacific regions at the moment? The nCvo seems to be doing rather well there on the ground!

Sultan Ismail
10th Feb 2020, 13:10
The daily temperature in Kuala Lumpur is 32C, dropping to 28C in the evening, humidity varies 50 to 85%.
Ho Chi Minh City is less than 2 hours away, in fact closer than Bangkok where temperatures are normally one degree above Kuala Lumpur.
Dew point in Kuala Lumpur is usually around 26C.

10th Feb 2020, 13:55
The figures you give for Malaysia seem quite high or are they average for the time of year?Its been many years since my time at MAS and the temp was usually pleasant .But now not good for this virus.
But flying long haul at these temperatures will be rather unpleasant along with all the precautions necessary to protect against infection.

10th Feb 2020, 14:01
The thread title caught my eye, -26 deg is hard to achieve in the cabin.

Sultan Ismail
10th Feb 2020, 14:10
The forecast for next 14 days shows a low of 32C and high of of 34C, with an evening low of 23C on one day only due TS activity. Otherwise lows of 24C following TS activity.
Needless to say living in Kuala Lumpur is easy, the evenings are balmy, only "mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun"
Now back to the CoronaVirus ☹

10th Feb 2020, 14:29
Current temps in Beijing and Wuhan (a bit more relevant than K.L. etc) -2C and 7C respectively.