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5th Feb 2020, 23:13

Asking all crews to take “unpaid leave”?

5th Feb 2020, 23:42
The airline said that preserving cash was "key to protecting" its businessAnd what about the employees, how are they expected to financially protect themselves, they allow beggars or buskers on the streets over there? Business doesn't put anything aside for a rainy day?

6th Feb 2020, 00:09
Based on past observation, I fully expect the Cathay pilots to unite, grab their ankles, and save the company once more.

Some discussion here:


6th Feb 2020, 01:36
Happening all across China. The Hainan Group already hanging by a thread has no choice. Other airlines will follow soon. The Asian aviation industry is in tatters right now.

6th Feb 2020, 02:25

Big numbers!!!!!!

Per stats by VariFlight, 41 mainland Chinese airlines canceled 9461 out of a total 17,908 scheduled flights today Feb 1, an alarming cancellation rate of 55.33%

China Southern
scheduled: 2832
canceled: 1771
cancelation rate: 62.54%

China Eastern
scheduled: 2703
canceled: 1299
cancelation rate: 48.06%

Air China
scheduled: 1706
canceled: 829
cancelation rate: 48.59%

Hainan Airlines
scheduled: 930
canceled: 606
cancelation rate: 65.16%

Xiamen Air
scheduled: 909
canceled: 635
cancelation rate: 69.86%

Shenzhen Airlines
scheduled: 856
canceled: 410
cancelation rate: 47.90%

Sichuan Airlines
scheduled: 784
canceled: 388
cancelation rate: 49.49%

Juneyao Airlines
scheduled: 409
canceled: 206
cancelation rate: 50.37%

Lucky Air
scheduled: 295
canceled: 244
cancelation rate: 82.71%

6th Feb 2020, 10:50
Drc40 ; Quite a lot going on at "Fragrant Harbour", some bits on here too .

6th Feb 2020, 15:06
Thanks for pointing me towards the other topics. Mods can merge this were appropriate.

I feel bad for CX and all the other carriers. Wonder if the CEO and top brass at CX will be taking unpaid leave too? Ha! Highly doubtful.

6th Feb 2020, 23:24
The Asian carriers may be the canaries in the coal mine here, as they are the fastest growing and hence the most leveraged. I cannot understand the relative unconcern shown to date by the industry.
Unless this outbreak is brought under control soon, start of spring art the latest, there will be dramatically less travel.
No one wants to be stuck in quarantine after a flight or a cruise.
Traffic in December was up 4.5% globally, based on IATA stats. The 2020 comparisons are likely to be negative.