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3rd Jan 2020, 11:46
Am I the only one to have noticed that every Boeing thread is rapidly locked?

And that there isn't a single running thread about Boeing at present?

Most odd, given how much Boeing are in the news, and how plenty of highly knowledgeable and helpful posters were from time to time able to share their wisdom, knowledge, experience and thoughts with the rest of us.

Why the reluctance to allow a Boeing thread to run, given the highly topical subject? Who's afraid? Of what?

3rd Jan 2020, 11:59
I couldn't agree more! This Boeing saga has been, and remains, the biggest and most fascinating aviation story of all time, and it's still ongoing! It is obvious from the scale of the now closed threads the enormous worldwide interest there is; there are so many linked aspects of this drama (for that is what it is), e.g. technical, engineering, economic, political, possibly criminal, and so on.

Yes, some of the inputs and arguments recently have to an extent been repetitive. But when a new aspect is suddenly uncovered, or a link to a good source (like Dominic Gates) is posted, suddenly we are all avidly reading the latest snippets; for the aviation enthusists it's engrossing, gripping, and intriguing all at once; after all, isn't this what Pprune Rumours and News is all about? This is a huge story, please let the thread run.

Pilot DAR
3rd Jan 2020, 12:28
When there is new information available for discussion on a topic, including Boeing airplanes, a thread may be continued/reopened, or a new thread opened. A thread (particularly a very large one) remaining open simply to keep a topic alive, with no real new information has no value, and is too much moderation work. If a PPRuNe member has new and important information relative to a closed thread, ask a moderator to reopen the thread. With good reason, moderators are happy to reopen a thread - as long as a new discussion is foreseeable....

Senior Pilot
4th Jan 2020, 07:34
Further to PilotDAR’s comments, each and every MAX related R&N thread to date has degraded into a Hamsterwheel with no new discussions introduced. Until something new appears you’re welcome to join the Hamsterwheel thread in JetBlast, https://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/628246-boeing-ceo-resigns.html or follow the links from this post, https://www.pprune.org/tech-log/621490-b737-max-threads.html

If you feel some weird necessity to post here in R&N further criticising this moderation then be prepared to have a lengthy timeout :=