View Full Version : Fly Nordica gone

27th Oct 2019, 16:08
Apparently today Nice - Tallinn was the last flight to be operated under Fly Nordica, although LOT continue to operate much of their former schedules. Strange arrangement from an oddly formed airline, that I never really got my head around, but, their name ( at least ) joins the lengthening list of recent casualties.

27th Oct 2019, 21:19
Only the brand name is shelved basically, operations continue as normal but with only a small number of routes from Tallinn that are now all under LOT brand and commercial risk. The airline part (Regional Jet) is now basically a pure ACMI provider comparable to Cityjet for example.

27th Oct 2019, 21:29
The low paying clown company? Unsustainable project - dying as it should. You boys seeing the trend yet? **** only sticks around for that long. Hasta la vista.