View Full Version : Renewal of FE(PPL) Certificate

7th Oct 2019, 16:45
Any special requirements to renew FE that has expired by 2.6 years?

8th Oct 2019, 00:01
FCL.1025 Validity, revalidation and renewal of examiner certificates

(c) Renewal. If the certificate has expired, applicants shall comply with the requirements of (b)(2) and
FCL.1020 before they can resume the exercise of the privileges.
(2) attended an examiner refresher seminar provided by the competent authority or by an
ATO and approved by the competent authority, during the last year of the validity period.

FCL.1020 Examiners assessment of competence
Applicants for an examiner certificate shall demonstrate their competence to an inspector from the
competent authority or a senior examiner specifically authorised to do so by the competent authority
responsible for the examiner’s certificate through the conduct of a skill test, proficiency check or
assessment of competence in the examiner role for which privileges are sought, including briefing,
conduct of the skill test, proficiency check or assessment of competence, and assessment of the
person to whom the test, check or assessment is given, debriefing and recording documentation.