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6th Oct 2019, 13:42
Hi guys !
Good afternoon, I have a question regarding the revalidation of my expiring ME-IR, in conjunction with the start of the Type Rating.

I'm starting a type rating course soon, and, if everything is ok, I should finish it at the end of November.
Exactly on the 30th of November my ME-IR will be expired.
Is there any possibility to revalidate it during the Type Rating in the sim ? Should I renew it after ?
Let's say that the course for some reasons is delayed, I won't be current during the course itself.

My licence now is under conversion, so I couldn't have done earlier, unfortunately.

I appreciate your tips !

6th Oct 2019, 14:38
You need the valid MEP-IR on your TR course starting date. Example: your TR ground course starts on 29th of November and your MEP-IR is still valid. So no worries, unless you want to fly MEPs later on.

6th Oct 2019, 15:56
Under the latest issue of EASA FCL you just need to have held a ME-IR. It changed a few years ago. However.....the ATO may not have updated their pre requisite for training requirements so best check,

6th Oct 2019, 16:31
thank you for your answers !
Yes, I'm not interested in flying piston aircraft fro now, as the type rating is on a jet.
So, just for a double check, after the completion of the Type Rating, my IR will be current, and I don't have to renew it, isn't it ?

many thanks

6th Oct 2019, 21:43
Unfortunately it matters not what the EASA regulation states if the TRTO training manual is more restrictive.

However, you need to be aware that the IR at the end of the course will be Multi Pilot (if itís a MP aircraft) and you will need to revalidate your SP IR if you want to use the privileges of it post type rating.