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1st Oct 2019, 22:46
Hi all,

I have an expired FI rating, expired 2017, and I am keen to get it back up and running. I was/am flying airline and typical story of new job, new type, new base, kids, family etc have prevented me flying much in the GA world for the last couple of years. Now things are settling down, I want to get back into it as I really do miss it and I believe it's affected my overall flying style, so I am looking for advice.

I am aware that some significant changes have taken place within the legal framework since I've been out of the loop, and I think I also understand the licensing requirements to renew, so I am more looking for any practical tips and recommendations. I have connections at the local club I can rely upon for access to students and the like, so just more revision/training guidance is my query.


2nd Oct 2019, 08:13
Itīs pretty straightforward:

c)Renewal. If the FI certificate has lapsed, the applicant shall, within a period of 12 months before renewal: (1) attend an instructor refresher seminar; (2) pass an assessment of competence in accordance with FCL.935

2nd Oct 2019, 10:52
The main difficulty is finding a seminar. I'd get this sorted first, then do the training as required to pass the AofC. I believe On-Track Aviation can offer a combined package.


2nd Oct 2019, 14:33
They are running a Seminar Monday and Tuesday next week 01789 842777

14th Oct 2019, 10:55
I would also like some advice on a similar issue, If anyone can help. I have also been out of instructing for several years and am now flying the 737. I changed my UK licence to Irish and am looking at renewing in Spain if possible, as I now live there. I was a Multi Engine IFR Instructor, although initially I will probably just teach sep and IFR. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I did email ontrack, who said with all the brexit issues it is a little uncertain, however as I have an Irish licence I guess it's just an EASA renewal.

15th Oct 2019, 08:35
Again, seminar and AoC to renew. Seminars for English speakers are difficult to find - AOPA have one in London early December or phone AFTA inCork and put your name down on their waiting list.