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memories of px
25th Sep 2019, 13:23
if a SEP revalidation is conducted prior to the 3 month window, is the 2 year validity from the day of the test , or still the end of the month, thanks.

25th Sep 2019, 13:31
It runs from the date of the test for 24 months and to the last day in that month.

Kemble Pitts
25th Sep 2019, 18:40
Now I'm a bit confused.

When I carry out a revalidation I extend the licence validity for 24 months from the current expiry date (which is always the end of a month), no matter how far in advance the revalidation is carried out. Is this not correct?

Level Attitude
25th Sep 2019, 22:24
As EASA Licences do not expire, they do not require Revalidation.

All EASA Ratings (that have expiry dates) can be Revalidated by Proficiency Check.

A Proficiency Check can be carried out any time (first day to last day) within a Rating's validity, with the new period of validity running from either:
- 1) The last day of the month in which the Proficiency Check was passed.
- 2) If, and only if, the Proficiency Check was passed within the last 90 Days of a Rating's validity: From the end date of the previous validity period.

In the special cases of SEP and TMG Ratings that, as well as by Proficiency Check, can also be Revalidated by Experience:
The Experience is required in the second year of Rating validity. So Revalidation can only occur in the second year, but can be completed as soon
as the required Experience can be demonstrated and, with no Proficiency Check, the new period of validity will always be 24 months from the end date of the previous validity period.
NB: The above all assumes that the existing Ratings are (correctly) marked as being valid until the last day of a month.

For SEP Revalidation by Experience, the start of the new 24 month validity period will always be the expiry date of the old.
For SEP Revalidation by Proficiency Check, the start of the new 24 month validity period depends on when the Proficiency Check was passed.

Kemble Pitts
26th Sep 2019, 15:08
Thanks LA.

As an instructor, and not an examiner, I am only revalidating SEP ratings via experience - and its nice to hear I've been doing things correctly.