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24th Sep 2019, 11:28
I have an FI (A) without the writtens. In other words able to instruct abinitio for LAPL but not PPL as long as under an ATO. I also hold a TMG rating. Does anyone know if I am permitted to instruct abinitio TMG pilots or do I require further training to do this?

24th Sep 2019, 17:08
Simply Yes. But you will be confind to instruction for the LAPL.
FCL.905.FI FI Privileges and conditions
The privileges of an FI are to conduct flight instruction for the issue, revalidation or renewal of:
(a) a PPL, SPL, BPL and LAPL in the appropriate aircraft category;
(b) class and type ratings for single-pilot, single-engine aircraft, except for single-pilot high
performance complex aeroplanes; class and group extensions for balloons and class extensions for

24th Sep 2019, 18:06
I wonder how many LAPL courses have been completed in the hours stipulated.
I ask around instructors and don't know anyone that has done a LAPL course.
I think the average instructor doesn't want to raise the hopes of the average punter they will do it in the minimum hours.
I think some Fi(A) candidates are being taken for a ride believing they will be doing loads of LAPL's when they qualify.
They should knuckle down and get the ground exams done.
Or will they start as LAPL course and end up being SEP.

24th Sep 2019, 20:08
Thanks Whopity.

Level Attitude
26th Sep 2019, 19:39
I think that for Whopity's "Simply Yes" answer to be correct you need to ensure at least one other criteria is met:

Either have at least 15 hours logged on TMGs or have passed an AoC to Instruct in TMGs

FCL.915 General prerequisites and requirements for instructors
(a) General. An applicant for an instructor certificate shall be at least 18 years of age.
(b) Additional requirements for instructors providing flight instruction in aircraft. An applicant for or the holder of an instructor certificate with privileges to conduct flight instruction in an aircraft shall:
(1) hold at least the licence and, where relevant, the rating for which flight instruction is to be given;
(2) except in the case of the flight test instructor, have:
(i) completed at least 15 hours of flight as a pilot on the class or type of aircraft on which flight instruction is to be given, of which a maximum of 7 hours may be in an FSTD representing the class or type of aircraft, if applicable; or
(ii) passed an assessment of competence for the relevant category of instructor on that class or type of aircraft;
(3) be entitled to act as PIC on the aircraft during such flight instruction.

Mickey Kaye
27th Sep 2019, 07:03
I've come across loads of pilots who have got lapl's in minimal time

24th Oct 2019, 19:46
Asking for a friend.

Ignoring any arguments about whether it is better to have CPL TK or not, the pre-entry requirements for the FI certificate include “200 hours PIC on aeroplanes, at least 30 of which must be on SEP” (that’s paraphrased from several flying school websites, by the way).
As EASA define an aeroplane as “ an engine driven fixed wing aircraft heavier than air which is supported in flight by the dynamic reaction of the air against its wings”, is there any reason why some or the majority of the 200 hours couldn’t be in a fixed wing microlight such as a C42, as it would fall under the EASA definition of an aeroplane. Obviously all the other requirements of instrument training, cross country, and the pre entry flight assessment would also have to be met.

thanks for your help.

25th Oct 2019, 19:56
The question was recently posed to EASA to which the following response was received
" EASA has prepared an AMC and proposed it with NPA 2014-29(B) and this AMC will be published after the adoption of the amendments to the Aircrew Regulation as GM."