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Danny boy
20th Sep 2019, 15:31
Hi All

Has anybody applied for some of the flying instructor positions at any of the larger ATOs which are being heavy advertised at the minute...

L3 Harris for instance, could you share your experiences?...Like interview, assessment flights, communications etc..

Thanks Dan.

22nd Sep 2019, 20:31
I interview for one of the larger “mid sized” integrated schools.

I want ant to know that you understand the basics of aerodynamics and can explain them in simplistic terms whilst remaining true to fact. A good starting point is to review the questions in the back of Standards document 10. Typically i’ll ask a question and then pull the answer apart with further questions based on your answers.

I’ll give you a topic for a long briefing - straight and level for example - and play the less able student who doesn’t get what your selling.

Think of instances in your life that demonstrate your understanding of the characteristics of a good instructor.

If if we get through all of that you may get a lesson in the sim to give back.

Thats just me - others have different techniques, styles or programmes.

flygirl 001
24th Sep 2019, 08:21
I have had a couple of interviews lately which I believe went well, generally how long do you have to wait before you get an offer or a start date?