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sad spaniel
11th Oct 2001, 20:16
Text on bbc: September cargo figures indicate a 22% drop in cargo rates in Sept, 10% upto Sep 11, 27% since. Does this mean the cargo industry is facing the same probs as the pax side? Or is it the recession really biting big time now? How will this affect DHL's plan's for the 757's? I guess they don't have a recruitment problem any more!!!!!. :eek:

11th Oct 2001, 20:19
As i've said, cargo is in the doldrums.

We hear of a leading cargo airline telling air charter managers to leave and air cargo sales managers given 15% pay cut, the list goes on.

I'll get my coat... :mad: :D :confused:

12th Oct 2001, 02:17
well no-one is allowed to carry personal cargo out of the USA now. I tried to make use of my Virgin Atlantic free allowance to shift a sofa and was told that they can only take cargo from a shipping company that they were dealing with before 11th September.

That sucks and i had to sell my sofa cheaply (or pay a fortune to ship it by sea).

12th Oct 2001, 09:18
Cargo rates in SE Asia have declined by 45% and the cargo carriers there are scrambling for the limited business that is still left in order to survive. There are very few new opportunities available. This situation will remain for at least the next twelve months according to the forwarders that we intend to use. Our plans for four aircraft have been reduced to three. Still, better than nothing. At least we will be able to put a few guys to work, looks like a total of ten crews will be needed. The time scale has been stretched out as well.

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12th Oct 2001, 13:22
Chock-a-block full for the moment...not only backlog, but new cargo too.

Cee of Gee
12th Oct 2001, 13:39
same here. Our contract routes, have the aircraft bulging with freight at the moment.
And the Xmas panic hasn't even begun!
Anyone know if Halfords do a roof-rack for an A300?!
I just hope the SLF side of the industry picks itself up. Find it unbelievable to hear about so many professional careers on the line.

12th Oct 2001, 13:45
I an an air cargo sales manager, given a 15% pay cut recently. Now, I need some new business to pay for my ankle bighters over Christmas. I have an idea.

What color A300's are those that you refer to? We can provide you with something bigger like a DC10 if you need it....
Then theres the Airbus A300-600ST "BELUGA" that offers 1000 CBM volume, a bit more than your standard A300F

Which airport would you need departures from

12th Oct 2001, 17:45
The ACMI rates on the Beluga are staggering; you could get 2 74s for the price. Needs a tech stop in the Azores to cross the Atlantic at max payload.

13th Oct 2001, 18:16
antonovs are very very quiet here
nothing much going on at all
we'll see what xmas brings, see if the crazy month really is crazy this year, i doubt it somehow

13th Oct 2001, 19:51
Guys it is only temporary in the passenger market I hope, yes the freight has got busyier alright.

Mad Dog Driver
14th Oct 2001, 17:25
Don't know about you but we've been Max TOW these days.

14th Oct 2001, 18:46
But there's certainly been an increase in miltary charters. Regrettably using predominantly 'sweat shop labour' cheapo ex-Russian military aircraft.