View Full Version : Manchester Airport: Plane kept on tarmac after passenger falls ill

9th Aug 2019, 14:26

More in the article but an extract is below

A Flybe flight was held in lockdown at Manchester Airport for two hours after a passenger fell ill.

The flight from Paris arrived at 10:25 BST but passengers were not allowed to disembark.

Public Health England (PHE) said the passenger had "gastro-intestinal symptoms" and the risk to other passengers was "very low".

Flybe said passengers were given the all-clear and the aircraft would be back in service after a deep clean.

PHE said the ill passenger was taken to hospital for treatment and said all other passengers had gone on to continue their journeys.

Earlier, a passenger tweeted a picture from plane, which he said was "surrounded by police", and described being "stranded".

Hotel Tango
9th Aug 2019, 14:32
Already reported here:


9th Aug 2019, 18:43
I can see the public health reason for not allowing the passengers to go on their way until checks are done. But to keep them in the confined and possibly contaminated space of the aircraft seems counter productive. Are there no isolation alternatives, even a number of buses?

Fergus Kavanagh
9th Aug 2019, 19:24
Can you spell E-B-O-L-A. ?

Tourism; A greater threat than terrorism.

11th Aug 2019, 17:47
Airport operators in conjunction with PHE in the UK and the CDC in the US have been quietly ramping up their Ebola screening provisions, there are even job postings open in the US right now for screeners. This is all being done fairly quietly, but it’s obviously a significant concern. The whole Pauline Cafferkey incident highlighted the risks.