View Full Version : Jeppesen 10-9S question

OM inbound
6th Aug 2019, 16:44

I have a question about Jepp 10-9S page. Is the 10-9S page with STANDARD minimums applicable only for AOC operators or to all operators. We are operating a private aircraft under EASA and I can't find more info on this. I think it's to all operators but need to verify this somewhere.

7th Aug 2019, 14:33
If the company you are workig asks or orders, STANDARD (EASA) minimums are published on minimums box in the format of jeppesen charts; then you do not have 10-9S. Otherwise minimum box values are as per ICAO or TERPS, whichever is available in the AIP of that country where the airport is located.
But in any case, EASA minimums cannot be less than state minimums.
These are all I know, maybe needed to be corrected.