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7th Aug 2002, 03:58
Details are sketchy -- it isn't even known for certain yet whether the wreck is a midair or a ground collision; but what is reported is that two C-172, both on training missions, have collided at the Melbourne (Australia), Moorabbin airport.

One pilot, the sole occupant of one of the airplanes, was dead at the scene, killed instantly; the two from the other plane have suffered what are described as "minor" injuries, although both were hospitalized.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau was expected to have opened the airport this morning.

Anyone knows more?

7th Aug 2002, 04:10
Happened on July 29. It was a midair on short finals. Qantas cadet pilot, 19 year old female died in the accident. Qantas male cadet, 21 year old and his instructor escaped with injuries in the other aircraft involved. All details on Dunnunder & Godzone..

7th Aug 2002, 04:17
Thank you Hot Dog.

IT was a mid air!!!?
I am not sure how to enter the site you name.
Have you a link?

The Nr Fairy
7th Aug 2002, 04:26
jet :

Dunnunda and Godzone is one of the forums here. Select it from the list down the bottom right of most pages.

7th Aug 2002, 04:35
Thanks The Nr Fairy

Well ..yes,
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