View Full Version : ADVERTS ON PRUNE...

25th Jul 2019, 09:10
...are making my use and enjoyment of the site almost unbearable. Constant buffering, jumping around of the screen. I know you need ads to sell the site but its getting ridiculous.

25th Jul 2019, 10:01
Use an adblocker, very simple

25th Jul 2019, 10:07
Adblocker works well, and it's free!

25th Jul 2019, 10:14
I have much same issue with ebay. I could live with ads if they didn't slow page loading down way too much.

25th Jul 2019, 11:11
Firefox with uBlock Ad-on on android, zero ads.
And never a single pop-up tab.

25th Jul 2019, 12:21
Heaven! Thanks all :ok:

Banana Joe
25th Jul 2019, 15:30
uBlock Origin on Chrome/Firefox/Edge and Brave browser on Android. It should be available on iOS as well. No ads and very fast loading times.

25th Jul 2019, 16:15
Second the Ublock suggestion, much better than adblockplus etc etc!