View Full Version : CRI Revalidation

17th Jul 2019, 15:31
This is an enquiry from a colleague. How does she revalidate a CRI rating after 3 years - she is planning to do an FI Seminar but that isn't relevant for this purpose is It?

Genghis the Engineer
17th Jul 2019, 16:57
10 hours instructing in the third year, if this is the first renewal, will do that.

Lacking that, an FI seminar can work, if there's been prior agreement from CAA - which should be easily obtained, that this will serve as a CRI revalidation seminar (I did this, with the organiser, via AOPA, obtaining this agreement). There are also a few specialist CRI seminars.

The other way is a test, which you have to do alternate renewals anyhow.


17th Jul 2019, 18:31
Slightly worrying that an Instructor doesn't know how to revalidate a certificate held or where to look for the answer, without going through a third party!
Sounds like a Seminar might be of value.

Genghis the Engineer
17th Jul 2019, 23:21
Hard to disagree with my learned friend Whopity.