View Full Version : AI pilot 'sees' runway and lands automatically

9th Jul 2019, 12:30
From the BBC

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-48908346 an extract of which is

An automatic pilot has landed a plane using image-recognition artificial intelligence to locate the runway.

At large airports, systems on the ground beam up the position of the runway to guide automatic systems.

But in late May a new AI tool landed a small plane carrying passengers, by "sight" alone at Austria's Diamond Aircraft airfield.

One expert said it could potentially improve flight safety

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Planet Basher
9th Jul 2019, 17:08
This means that airline pilots will be able to land at airports that lack ILS.

9th Jul 2019, 19:20
I remember an AI pilot doing an autoland at Jaipur, when he couldn't se anything. Burst half his tyres, swerved across the airfield and hit a tree.

Memo to self. Take a little fuel....

9th Jul 2019, 19:53
Not that I would ever try it (except in extremis), but I rather suspect the artificial vision on my Sentry which talks to my Ipad, which listens to my ADS-B might make for a more comfortable experience than did the raw-data, thousands-of-ILS,VOR and NDB approaches flown to "tee hee:ouch:" minimums (so as not to off-put the rest of the incoming 135 crowd who weren't looking forward to holding at 0400 local in a bloody snowstorm when some ****** decided to announce that he had insufficient flight visibility.

9th Jul 2019, 20:48
Oh, Yipee! Now we can all retire...
It's obviously time to shut down PPRuNe.

Would you mind hanging on a bit, at least until they can program the A.I with a very strong sense of self preservation.