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6th Jul 2019, 12:10
New Plane (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7125387/Mysterious-bullet-shaped-aircraft-nears-flight.html) will it change civil aviation?

bill fly
6th Jul 2019, 18:16
New Plane (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7125387/Mysterious-bullet-shaped-aircraft-nears-flight.html) will it change civil aviation?

Should be alright as long as they donít call it Max...

6th Jul 2019, 19:01
Nothing with a propeller (whether pusher or tractor) is going to change civil aviation. :O

6th Jul 2019, 19:33
It will never fly

6th Jul 2019, 19:45
Looks like a design for a laminar flow body plane out of the 50s of last century. Could be interesting but since no one is marketing it, it probably is just an engineering prototype.

I would say, propellers already changed civil aviation in several ways, the last ones being drones...

6th Jul 2019, 20:12
Seems to be a - re-thinking - of the Piaggio Avanti idea. (Have to choose my words carefully - both are patented designs).

Drawings seem to show an elliptical HAR wing. Indeed, one goal is extended laminar flow for both wing and "airfoil" fuselage. Word is this prototype uses a V-12 diesel engine

6th Jul 2019, 20:52
Hope it comes with a plentiful supply of spare tail skids.

7th Jul 2019, 00:25
Might be a viable GA or maybe business aircraft, but I don't see it applicable to commercial aviation. Not only will it be too slow, the basic design doesn't scale up very well.

7th Jul 2019, 02:40
That's a very interesting aircraft, but I'm not sure that it will be a civil aviation game changer. The designers are obviously still fine tuning the design, because in a couple of photos, winglets are in evidence, whereas in another they are not. It's tough to get a feel for the wing planform, but it appears to be a very high aspect wing with a very critical air foil section. My guess is that it would be relatively unforgiving in poorly-managed slow flight regimes. The very high aspect ratio vertical stabilizer and short ventral fin seem to be a bit of overkill in yaw dampening, but I guess that something would require a ventral structure to prevent prop damage in over-rotation scenarios. Anyway, it's a pretty cool design, and as Pattern Is Full stated, is somewhat reminiscent of the Piaggio.

Just my opinion based on a stance of relative ignorance of the design.