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3rd Jul 2019, 11:48
With regards to a ME-CBIR training course in the UK, does the term "instrument time under instruction" imply that the 15 hours in the aircraft must be during flight by sole reference to instruments? I.e. it can not include taxi time? Is this stated somewhere in the UK CAPs?

This is my interpretation but I am getting mixed answers from IRI's and I cannot find the answer in the CAPs.

​​​​​Thanks in advance

3rd Jul 2019, 13:01
The UK CAPs is not the place to look. Part FCL.010 Definitions:
"Instrument flight time" means the time during which a pilot is controlling an aircraft in flight solely
by reference to instruments.
Historically, on the introduction of JAR-FCL in 1999, the IR experience increased from 40 hours to 55 hours and the CAA considered that with an additional 15 hours required to obtain an IR and with the end of unapproved IR, adding an additional 10 minutes to every flight was probably a bit over the top. As it was, the failure rate after the 55 hour course was higher than after ther former 40 hour course, but that was probably the result of less aircraft time and more synthetic time.

3rd Jul 2019, 16:28
The other definition you need from FCL.010 for completeness is:"Instrument time" means instrument flight time or instrument ground time. So 'instrument time under instruction' does indeed mean only flight by reference to instruments (i.e. not taxi time).

3rd Jul 2019, 21:53
I logged block time during training for CBIR, got the minimum plus 40min or so. Nobody ever complained about it.

FCL.050, Recording of flight times:
(7) column 9: enter flight time undertaken at night or under instrument flight rules if applicable;

4th Jul 2019, 08:09
'Flight time under IFR', a rather pointless figure, is NOT the same as 'Instrument Flight Time'.

When a Rating application is made 'block time' is irrelevant - the times must be as required for the specific rating application.

Genghis the Engineer
4th Jul 2019, 15:38
I run two columns in my logbook now. Time under IFR, and time by sole reference to instruments. For various consituencies, both seems necessary - although doubtless there's some third definition I'll discover I need hours for one day.


Ascend Charlie
13th Jul 2019, 07:26
Taxy time when under the hood requires a special skill, which should be acknowledged. Specially in helicopters.