View Full Version : Bizarre ICD-10 Diagnosis Code

27th Jun 2019, 14:58
ICD-10 is a compendium of medical diagnosis codes used throughout much of the world. Here is one of the more unusual diagnosis codes: V97.33 Sucked Into a Jet Engine

Try hard not to have this code added to your medical history!

27th Jun 2019, 15:39
It has happened a few times. Amazingly at least one person survived.

27th Jun 2019, 16:01
There's codes for abducted by aliens too.

A proper ICD-10 book is huge, although it's all fully available online in a tiny database now of course.

27th Jun 2019, 18:43
Interestingly, jet engine ingestions where considerably more common back in the low bypass engine days - when there were inlet guide vanes to keep you out of the fan (it could still result in serious injury though, and a few fatalities).
When high bypass engines became the norm (with nothing to keep the fan from turning one into hamburger), people apparently became more aware and careful as ingestions became extremely rare.

Chris Kebab
27th Jun 2019, 19:53
As Dixi says, before they drove him down....

27th Jun 2019, 22:10
All of the V95.4*** codes are pretty entertaining....

28th Jun 2019, 10:38
It gets worse. The bureaucrats that gave us excruciatingly detailed diagnosis codes also added even finer subsets of codes for this rare event, insisting on different coding for:
"Sucked into jet engine" vs "Sucked into jet engine, initial encounter" vs "Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter" and of course "Sucked into jet engine, sequela".

Woe be to the doctor or coder who puts in the wrong code for the event.