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22nd Jun 2019, 10:01
Just want a bit of help with B777 FMC tracking.
Forgive me if I seem a bit "dim".
Understand that the A/c flies a great "circle track" between waypoints?
Meaning for example, southern latitudes flying west true track increases between waypoints, A and B.
The great circle track will be "polar" that is south of the rhumb line
Typically Flight Plans show the initial great circle track, at point A on an leg A to B.

My question is?

If at point A we do an "Intercept Course" to B using the initial great circle track at A does the A/c fly a rhumb line to B, and not the great circle track?
If at A we do a Direct to B, what does the A/c fly?
Tks in advance.

23rd Jun 2019, 01:21
Direct should be a great circle, not sure about your first question.