View Full Version : ATIS print on A320 - time limit?

10th Jun 2019, 05:25
With an old ATIS (1hr or more); when printing the ATIS through ACARS on the a320 the message “no atis available” appears on the print out.

once the tower updates the atis, it prints fine.

Does anyone know if there’s a time limit and if so what it is?


Check Airman
11th Jun 2019, 04:32
Ours will happily print a stale ATIS. Seems like a company option.

11th Jun 2019, 10:17
Hang on, do you mean
1/ you received this ATIS more than 1 hour ago but haven’t printed it yet, or do you mean
2/ the ATIS is received now but more than 1 hour old in the ATC system?