View Full Version : Accepting direct routing from ATC when Method 2 dispatched?

4th Jun 2019, 01:37
Had an interesting discussion over the mountains the other day. Given that Method 2 dispatch starts at cruise altitude, do any airlines offer caution or restrict the PIC about accepting direct routings whilst in the high terrain Method 2 segment? On one hand it is only a dispatch requirement but on the other it could take you away from a drift down alternate should the unforeseen occur!

5th Jun 2019, 14:07
WTF is method 2 dispatch?

5th Jun 2019, 19:12
Clearly an alternative to Method 1.

5th Jun 2019, 20:16
I think the OP means enroute altitude performance over high terrain. Method 2 involves prescribed escape routes to enroute alternates.

We are using method 2 from time to time on some routes, but havenít seen any guidelines on direct routings. Iíd say if thereís no rules, good old common sense should be applied. Know where you are, where the terrain and airport is....

Bus Driver Man
6th Jun 2019, 02:28
When on a direct routing, descent initially to the grid MORA, while turning to your escape route. Follow your escape route once you’re on it.

We had an excessive amount of escape routes at my previous company, which they luckily replaced with simpler instructions like: in segment 1, turn left to XXXX airport, in segment 2, turn right to YYYY airport. The altitudes were the pilots’ responsibly. It was still a guideline only as the airports weren’t checked for suitability and there were usually better options available. It gave you just one option that complied with the oxygen and fuel requirements. In an emergency you do whatever is required in the interest of safety. The only true escape routes that remained were for the Himalayas.