View Full Version : Pitch attitude and weight - A320 flare

28th May 2019, 08:06

Looking back at Principles of Flight, it is obvious that heavier aircraft require a greater AOA to maintain level flight as compared to lighter ones, with wll other conditions being equivalent.

Could some clarify the relation of weight and pitch, and particularly its effects on flare. I'm more interested regarding A320. FCTM states that there's an average pitch change of 4 degrees during flare. Does this differ with weight?

As far as the glide goes, the Vapp varies based on weight and accordingly the pitch attitude is lower when aircraft is lighter, and vice versa.

Just wanted to clarify this from POF point of view and its practical implications during flare.


28th May 2019, 08:12
A320 flare - pitch, attitude. Wait.

Peter G-W
28th May 2019, 08:22
Heavier aircraft don’t need a higher AOA because they fly faster. The AOA is the same on all normal approaches regardless of weight: it’s the speed that varies.