View Full Version : UPS pilot arrested in EDDK?

27th May 2019, 08:01
Rumor about a UPS Capt. arrested in EDDK for being intoxicated. Does anyone have any verifiable information/news source?

27th May 2019, 20:44
No verifiable information about the rumor that a Zoomie MD-11 captain did a Foster Brooks imitation in CGN and blew a .16.

From APC:

Drunk UPS Captain arrested in cologne Germany
He blew an .16 showing up at work, got thrown in Jail.


It's a disease, innocent until proven guilty, it might be swamp gas, he was reporting for duty in uniform to say he was unfit to fly, don't worry folks, it's just a freighter etc... :ugh:

what next
27th May 2019, 21:32

Firstly I found nothing at all about this in German media and secondly one does not get "thrown into jail" here for showing up drunk for work. Not even as a pilot. Police will breathalyse him and if their instrument shows elevated alcohol levels they will drive him to a hospital where a blood sample is taken and analysed. If there is evidence of elevated blood alcohol content, his license will be confiscated and the case forwarded to the prosecutor.