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11th May 2019, 23:49
In this story, the journalist (if that's the word) has completely made up the story in the captions to fit his/her mistaken choice of photo (from the Bali accident)....

"The downed Lion Air Boeing 737 was brought into shore from the Java Sea, having remained significantly more intact than the Ethiopian Airlines flight five months later"

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7018733/Boeing-faces-paying-1bn-loved-ones-346-victims-perished-crashes.html (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7018733/Boeing-faces-paying-1bn-loved-ones-346-victims-perished-crashes.html?login#newcomment)

It might get corrected so I saved the article.



12th May 2019, 00:03
I'd say priceless but that just doesn't seem to do the idiot who wrote it justice......

Meester proach
12th May 2019, 06:29
You canít trust the DM with any aviation related stories. Their transport correspondent must be an 8 year old with no access to even google stuff.
They canít even say ď runway ď, I think it was ď landing strip ď last week.

12th May 2019, 07:37
You can’t trust the DM with any aviation related stories. Their transport correspondent must be an 8 year old with no access to even google stuff.
They can’t even say “ runway “, I think it was “ landing strip “ last week.

Fixed that for you. You're welcome.

Tom Cundall
12th May 2019, 08:03
"...as another flies ominously overhead".

How does one fly "ominously"? I'd like to be able to add that skill to my CV.

12th May 2019, 08:05
It might get corrected so I saved the article.

Now you're just being silly. :O

12th May 2019, 08:32
The picture captions at the DM are done by junior staff who pretty much cut and paste bits of the story. They're under huge pressure, with literally hundreds of articles posted each day. They are not experts in any area and mistakes do (frequently) happen.

The journalists (everywhere) are under equal pressure, but do strive to report accurately. However, there is usually no sub-editor to correct things, and no fact checking staff available. They're both great losses to modern journalism.

12th May 2019, 08:53
No excuse for publishing manure!

Dan Winterland
12th May 2019, 08:55
The printed media has fallen foul of current MBA inspired cost cutting practices, with the need to reduce overheads due to the way newspapers are sold now. Papers have few proper journalists on their payrolls these days. They have a few editorial staff and use press agency pieces, changed just enough by their overworked and underpaid staff to make it look like an original piece. On the few occasions they are required to come up with an original piece, they either don't have the time or usually, are not up to the job.

12th May 2019, 10:03
Good save on copy of article.

Was involved in something a decade ago where a newspaper published something that was wrong, instead of using standard Industry measurements they made them up. After a complaint via PR agency then sat down and realised the error. A small apology ensued BUT what they undertook to do and did was to make article dead inside their archives as if it never existed. This was great but I also worried that if they were doing it with something like this then not unsurprisingly they would do it with other stories.

In 1984 Winston Smith worked in a huge Dept constantly going back and changing history because their opponents kept changing. Scary thing is these days that supposed Department with thousands of people could fit into a small office with 10 people worldwide.

Old King Coal
12th May 2019, 17:23
Daily Mail journalists (and others of their ilk) use the following resource for all their aeroplane stories: The Lazy Journalists Plane Story Generator (http://www.radans.net/jens/planestory.html)