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10th May 2019, 16:53
Hi Folks,
Once upon a time I had a bit of paper issued by the FAA that allowed me to fly PPL in the USA based on my UK ATPL. Following 9/11 and the fact that I now have a EASA ATPL I understand I need to re-do the process. Unfortunately the guidance on the FAA and CAA websites seems somewhat out of date.

I have sent the SRG 1160 verification form to the CAA and paid my £46, I have the FAA form 8060-71 ready to go but need to state which FSDO I plan to use prior to sending in the form. As I am visiting the New Jersey area in June I contacted the Teterboro office to make an appointment. Unfortunately I was told that " we no longer do this" contact a DPE. Just up the road is New York where I got essentially the same reply.

Both offices have a list of DPEs on their websites although it is not immediately clear if ALL DPEs can do this or indeed what fee (if any) is payable.

So, a couple of questions: If a DPE can do this are there any in the UK that can. If not does anyone have any experience of doing it via a DPE in the States. For a service that was formerlly free from the FSDO I have heard rumours of some alarming charges by US DPE for the signature.

10th May 2019, 19:15
Busy FSDO’s have delegated this authority to Designated Pilot Examiners or DPE’s.
Unfortunately it counts for them as an “activity” and they are limited to two activities a day.
So some DPE’s would rather do two checkrides a day and some will therefore charge you the equivalent of what they would charge for a checkride.

You’ll get very little mercy from me as you need to consider the effort and cost involved if I want to get an equivalent EASA PPL let alone an ATPL.

10th May 2019, 20:54
Thanks for the reply B2N2,

I can see why DPEs would not wish to check forms under the ruleset you outline! Its rather a shame that the FSDOs appear to be going the same way our beloved CAA has gone with insufficient resources to complete their remit.

Anyone know of any FSDOs that are not "too busy"

10th May 2019, 22:30
Any FSDO in the region you intend to visit can be listed on form AC 8060-71. You can decide later on which DPE to use. Maybe try Richard Greene out in Essex County. Some FSDOs still perform the service, eg Grand Rapids, but they're not conveniently located for you.