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Check Airman
6th May 2019, 23:22
HI all,

I saw 2 interesting pictures on airliners.net today, and couldn't figure out why they have what appears to be air hoses attached to the engines. Anyone here in the know?

At the same time, I get why the APU exhaust etc. must be covered, but why the tape over the doors, cockpit windows and other access panels? Surely those gaps aren't large enough for animals to get inside.
Boeing 737-9 MAX - Copa Airlines | Aviation Photo #5518445 | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Copa-Airlines/Boeing-737-9-MAX/5518445/L)

Boeing 737-8 MAX - American Airlines | Aviation Photo #5518449 | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/American-Airlines/Boeing-737-8-MAX/5518449/L)

6th May 2019, 23:31
The hoses are for Air Driers and the tape is to reduced moisture/dust entering the cabin - sounds like long term storage to me

7th May 2019, 06:30

Common technique employed to prevent the development of corrosion (via the accumulation of moisture). Technique has commonly been employed in the cabins of military aircraft (eg. P-3C Orion) filled with avionics/electronic equipment to improve the serviceability of electrical/electronic equipment after long periods of inactivity/storage. Accumulation of moisture in cabins/equipment/electrical connectors/etc. have been shown to contribute to intermittent faults which are not readily replicated (No Fault Found) when equipment is bench tested in the lab/shop.

7th May 2019, 10:05
The hoses are for Air Driers and the tape is to reduced moisture/dust entering the cabin - sounds like long term storage to me

One used to keep tyres on caravans covered up whilst not being used to stop the rubber perishing (ozone will destroy rubber, eventually, one just needed to keep air from freely circulating around the tyres). Could that be another reason to tape up the doors, to stop seals perishing?

compressor stall
7th May 2019, 12:24
What a sad sight those pics are.

7th May 2019, 18:10
I have seen ac in storage where the condensation from the windscreen has dripped down and made a mess of the electronics.

Speaking of sad (and a bit OT)

First 2 of the A380 being parted out.

https://cimg5.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/800x501/2018_06_05t171054z_2_lynxnpee540tp_rtroptp_3_tarmac_aerosave _recycling_plane_83d43865eb38eb157246d45feac320c88469265c.jp g

Check Airman
7th May 2019, 21:15
Thanks for the insight gents.

10th May 2019, 17:27
From an article on the MAX storage....just wondering, the CUA ac look like 800's? Any idea why those are stored?

Looks like there are MAX- 9 and maybe a 10 in there...are all MAX variants grounded?