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6th May 2019, 18:23
'if the holder of a licence carries out a number of flights upon the same day returning on each occasion to the same place of departure and the interval between successive flights does not exceed 30 minutes, such series of flights may be recorded as a single entry.'

Sanity check - if I fly two 1 hour flights and commence taxy on the second flight 25 minutes after parking from the first, I can log 2:25. Yes?
It would seem sensible to restrict the AMC to the same type or class of aircraft, but it doesn't say that. 1hr SEP + 1hr MEP with 25 mins between = 2:25 total flight time, 1:00 SEP and 1:00 MEP?!
What about instructional time (assuming both flights were instruction for the grant of an EASA license)? 2:00 or 2:25? What about 1hr SEP instruction and 1hr MEP instruction? 2:00 flight time and 2:25 instructional? :ugh:

I'm obviously over-thinking this. Does anyone use this AMC? Has there been any feedback on CAA 'interpretation' of this AMC?

6th May 2019, 18:52
The AMC Iis primarily aimed at flights such as Para dropping where the pilot remains in the aircraft. It was not intended for FIs who are too idle to brief or debrief their students.The CAAs interpretation, if there is one, is irrelevant if you comply with the Regulatuon then you have done all that is required of you. How could flights in two different aircraft be classed as a single flight?

6th May 2019, 19:39
It was not intended for FIs who are too idle to brief or debrief their students.
This is a thread about how an AMC is applied in practice, not about what an FI shouldn't be doing.

I can see where the AMC should apply, para droping, glider towing. How about Trial Lessons? Aeros trial flights? What does 2 'different' aircraft mean? How about 2 flights in 2 different PA28s which are the same model?

6th May 2019, 21:50
What is so difficult about recording the number of flights separately?

As far as my logbook goes I am a bit ADHD and if I fly two different aircraft of the same type I like to record that so that should I need to refer to which part of the 2:25 I was flying G-ABCD it is easy to do so. Not sure about logging the 25minutes ‘parked’ as flight time or block time for that matter - “from the time it first moves under its own power for the purpose of flight to the time the brakes are applied at the end of the flight.”

Ascend Charlie
7th May 2019, 06:32
I suspect they mean that the 2 x 1hr flights can be called 1 flight of 2 hrs, and you don't log the time you are shut down / walking between aircraft / in the khazi.

7th May 2019, 09:08
I would interpret 'logging as a single entry' as adding the block times together, without the interval. AMC1 FCL.050 requires you to log 'total time of flight', and this still applies:
(g)Flight time is recorded: (1)for aeroplanes, touring motor gliders and powered-lift aircraft, from the moment an aircraft first moves to taking off until the moment it finally comes to rest at the end of the flight;

As for logging different classes or registrations as one entry, I see that the explanation states that you should log 'SE or ME'. That prevents you from logging both in one entry in my view. I can't find a similar restriction on type/class but why make things difficult for yourself?

8th May 2019, 16:51
Thank you Ascend Charlie and Jhieminga, makes eminent sense. Just off to add a column to the logbook so I can add khazi time ... :}

8th May 2019, 17:31
He? It means that you can combine multiple entries into one line, to save ink. The idea of trying to do that with multiple aircraft is what, April fools? But maybe this age we should add "all other parameters being equal", so we do not have to think too much.

2x 1h flight is logged as that - combined 2 hrs and 2 landings. Block off / in from the first to last movement. The stopover time is not added to the combined flight time.

8th May 2019, 18:01
This text is meant to make it easy for pilots flying standard legs repetitive times a day (e.g. in Macau, where they fly from A to B to C, then repeat like 4 times in the morning).

If you want to log it all as one flight, you can only log the time you are operating the controls (not the time with the engines shut down).