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Hotel Uniform Yankee
3rd May 2019, 16:46
I was looking at a job with Stobart on their EMB fleet. However Ive just heard they have now sold 2 of the Embraer aircraft and are about to announce redundancy's. Does anyone know if there is much future left for this airline. The only flying contract which they appear to have on this fleet is for City Flyer (not sure how long that is for).
I have also read they made a loss last year.

Officer Kite
3rd May 2019, 17:31
If it's the stobart i got a job at 3 weeks ago they have plans to hire throughout the summer, made a profit last year as well as entering into a partnership with virgin to buy another airline whilst also buying an airport. They also this week are finalising another deal to operate ACMI services using the EMB fleet during the summer.

Funny what you can read on the internet sometimes :}

Edit to add they have BA cityflyer and KLM already as customers for the EMB fleet and now adding a 3rd, they were also deployed on flybe flights for some time.

3rd May 2019, 18:03
Hmm, maybe some "fake news" you heard, Stobart are entering into a consortium with Virgin Atlantic and Flybe to create Connect Airways, Flybe are removing most of their EMB fleet and as its costing the company a fortune. ( A Move which i suspect has been made by Stob and VS)