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24th Apr 2019, 16:42
Hey guys anyone knows if is possible to change the setting from inches to millibars on the aforementioned altimeter?
Thanks in advance

24th Apr 2019, 16:51
Radio Altimeter and air pressure?

24th Apr 2019, 17:21
I had an FOs confused the other day doing a CAT3 into AMS!
" Is there any adjustment to the fact that AMS is at -11 feet??"
He quickly recovered after ca 3,5 seconds.
I call that a pass!

This thread:
Not so much!!

24th Apr 2019, 17:25
Is there any compensation for the Coriolis Force on King KRA450B ?

24th Apr 2019, 22:30
Wow guys, it never happened to you that you write something while thinking something else? Of course is not a radio altimeter, because normally the radio altimeter doesn't have the round thing that you can move clockwise or anti-clockwise and doing this you move the hand inside it (or you wanna call it needle, pointer, you choose the correct english word). The altimeter I'm talking about has all those things, so maybe is not a KRA-405B and I have the wrong information

24th Apr 2019, 22:33
Ok I can confirm that I was given a wrong information, the aircraft in question has a Radar Altimeter King KRA 405B, but also another normal altimeter and the 2 are combined together, so you can change your QNH with a knob on the right side and set the altitude on the Radio Altimeter with a knob on the left side. The setting for the QNH are in digital number but only on INHG, anybody knows if it possible to change this setting in MB? The information I received is that is a King KEA-346 encoding drum altimeter, but if I google it I find a different altimeter