View Full Version : Cessna Grand Caravan manual

8th Apr 2019, 16:19
Hi ,
Does anybody have a pdf of Flight Safety's Pilot Training Manual for C208 (non G1000 )or a POH in pdf and would share ?

Joshua Mast
25th Apr 2020, 14:04
I realized it has been a Year since you posted this request and I am sure you have something by now. However If you are still in need I have a copy of the PTM for the NON G1000 C208

Pugilistic Animus
26th Apr 2020, 00:38
Would a Caravan be considered a high performance and complex airplane despite the fixed gear in the US?

Check Airman
26th Apr 2020, 18:11
High Performance is greater than 200HP, which I think it is, so yes. Not complex though.

Pugilistic Animus
26th Apr 2020, 22:38
Thanks Check Airman...