View Full Version : A320 Bus Equipment List - where?

25th Mar 2019, 10:32
Another question from a total Airbus newb...

I'm looking for the "Bus equipment" list because I want to know what power the outflow valves.

I can't seem to find it in my FCOM.

Did Airbus move it?

Because I see "bus equipment list's" in older FCOMs, like here:


25th Mar 2019, 11:35
Long gone :)

25th Mar 2019, 14:22
What did they remove it? That was interesting stuff to know.

25th Mar 2019, 19:28
Interesting to know, or look at? Admittedly done for cost-cutting, but it was of no practical use. Probably a nightmare to keep updated and correct, ever slightly different among the various production standards.

The information is still available from AMM via the appropriate channels. Though I do keep an old FCOM copy exactly for that reason :)

Aget Aviano
20th Feb 2020, 12:13
Hi, could you by any chance upload those old fcom somehwere like google drive. It would be very helpful for me if i could get on one of those. Ive been wanting to see what bus supplies what. And the new FCOM just doesnt have it.