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22nd Mar 2019, 20:18
I went to the Helsinki aviation museum yesterday and there is a CV440.

I noticed that it did not have deicing boots (quite surprised me) and surmised that hot air was used to antice the wing leading edge.

The guide, a good egg, suggested I was wrong.

Anyone here knows the definitive answer.

Google suggests I am right.

Maybe the Finnair ones were different.

Not trying to be a pain, just interested.

22nd Mar 2019, 21:21
The Convair 240 certainly used a thermal (hot air) anticing system on both the wings and the tail surfaces, so it's likely that the 340 and 440 did too.

22nd Mar 2019, 22:48
Yes it did use hot air,from the exhaust augmentors.I was doing a xAA acceptance airtest on a-440 and we had a discrepancy in the temp indicators during the anti-icing check,so it was turned off.Shortly afterwards,the compass system started to `wander`,so we quit and rtb`d.Upon selecting Flaps ,we had an asymmetric flap failure,so decided to land flapless(not covered in the Manual),put the gear down,2greens,none on left,same as flap,compass,anti-ice.Checked with 3rd crew member and Tower fly-by that gear was down,so flew a flapless touch &go,( as wheels come down rearwards),then a normal landing,shut down,,u/c pins put in ,went for coffee.Engineers called to hangar,shown a large hole in flaps,preventing extension,caused by the heating duct blowing,burning electrical wiring to burn,compass and a/indicators to fail.Rear spar was also damaged......

Con-Pilot(dcsd) also had a tale about CV anti-icing failure...
"Hangar flying in a bar can save your life";` Accidents and close calls`-thread;16 July 2015.....