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3rd Aug 2002, 09:33
I hope this is the only case but most probably there are a lot more.
It's about an African company flying with Tristars (ex-Delta).
The airline has changed all the documents and gave the aircraft lower cycles and flying hours. They did the same with the engines. Due to this, the Tristar is flying with a large overtime on its (real) C-check. Maintenance is done by non-L-1011 qualified personnel at its home-base (nobody received training). According to the airline, they have lost all the original maintenance records of Delta. They don't have any idea about any time-related item.
All this is done under the eye of the local civil aviation. Since the family of the President has money in the airline, CAA has signed all the documents. The problem was that the man who was responsable for signing didn't want to do this. Finally the papers were signed by an already retired CAA guy. Everybody kwows over there but are afraid to tell.
What concerns me is that really can do everything and that this aircraft is flying to Europe. Already one European CAA has checked the aircraft two times. They know something is wrong but since all documents of the aircraft are signed, they can't proof anything.
What can be done about his if the CAA is working together with them ?? They are really a danger for other aircraft and pax.

3rd Aug 2002, 10:11
Well, if you are certain of your FACTS (?) then you could start by contacting ICAO with the details, also any of the civil aviation authorities of the countries that you KNOW these aircraft go to.

Then, on the quiet side, you can call everyone you know who might be called upon to handle these aircraft and alert them. Once a couple have been gounded away from home base the whole operation is likely to come under scrutiny.

And finally, you are not just a 'Guv'ner' wind up, now are you?!!!:rolleyes:

Flap 5
3rd Aug 2002, 10:15
One thing that really anoys me on this forum is when people come on and make posts like these accusing others of not revealing information when they do exactly the same thing.

What is the point EXCIN unless you reveal the name of the airline? Or are you just trying to scare everyone in to avoiding any African airline that flies Tristars?

3rd Aug 2002, 10:58
Ok Flap 5:
The airline is Hewa Bora Airways based at Kinshasa.
And I'm not here to scare everyone flying with African companies but this is the only case I know.
But what can you do when the Government is working together with them and people are afraid to tell. You can disappear very easy in Congo (if you know what I mean)

Flight Detent
3rd Aug 2002, 15:56
love that 'throwaway' line at the bottom of your post,
tends to hurt your credability a little though, doesn't it?
Just a thought.

3rd Aug 2002, 21:52
The aeroplanes, as delivered from VCV, had very good time remaining...so whats the beef?

4th Aug 2002, 00:33
The first two posts above are on-the-mark.

The others are not helpful beyond that.

Excin I suggest you follow the good advice and sign off to end the flame war.

Was that for us?
4th Aug 2002, 06:28
Anyone know about the incident when a Cabin window blew out? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: