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15th Mar 2019, 22:14
Guy submitted paperwork to go from EASA PPL to LAPL,so he could go LAPL medical.
Came back to flying after a suspended medical.
CAA holding up paperwork because they want him to surrender his EASA PPL.
So why can't he hold both, just in case he changes his mind and goes full class 2 and use the PPL for say imc flying.
Why can't we hold as many licences as we want, just keep whatever we want to use current. Or is the plan for all PPL's to go LAPL.

I can't see why we can't just have a licence and privileges change depending what medical we hold, or is that just to simple.

16th Mar 2019, 08:57
The recent vote by the EASA committee will mean that LAPL privileges will now be included within PPL privileges and that the validity of the pilot's medical will be the deciding factor. Thus the holder of a PPL with a valid SEP or TMG Class Rating, whose Class 2 medical slips to LAPL medical standard, will simply be required to operate aircraft which are within LAPL restrictions (VFR, max 2000kg MTOM, max 4 PoB). But this change has not yet appeared in law and will probably only come into effect later in the year.

Part-FCL does not permit a pilot to hold 2 licences for the same category of aircraft.

16th Mar 2019, 09:38
A UK-granted Part-FCL PPL(A) is deemed to confer LAPL(A) privileges when the holder makes a medical declaration in accordance with art 163(3) of the ANO. See General Exemption E 4765 notified in ORS4 No. 1283 (published 4 Oct 2018, expires on or before 8 Apr 2020) (pdf link (http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/1283..pdf)). One of the conditions is that the licence holder has previously made the medical declaration. Does that mean the declaration needs to have been made before the date of the exemption?

16th Mar 2019, 10:58
It seems stupid if you have a PPL surely you have the privileges of an LAPL, but were talking about regulators and red tape, why make it simple when with a bit of effort you can make it almost impossible to
work out what is and isn't legal.:ugh:
Legalisation does not help safety, unless it is easily understood and that's where every thing falls apart because the vast majority just want to be legal and fly safely without digesting all the rules that are constantly
Just apply for the LAPL it's just not worth the argument, take care and fly safe.:ok:

16th Mar 2019, 16:44
Yes, the paperwork was sent in before we learned about the extension of self declaration, but has never done a declaration as he has always been class 2. The AME advised he go LAPL for medical reasons.
But why delay a licence process, just tell the guy to rip up his licence.

17th Mar 2019, 08:12
The CAA requirement to surrender the PPL is probably driven by the Part-FCL restriction which does not allow a pilot to hold 2 licences for the same aircraft category.

But if the PPL still includes a valid Class Rating, why not just submit a PMD and use the licence within the restrictions of ORS4 No.1283? The 'previous' part simply means that the licence holder must have made a PMD before operating within the terms of the restrictions.

memories of px
13th May 2019, 07:03
if a guy has an old brown licence and now wants to renew it , hasnt flown for well over ten years,but just wants a LAPL, does he need a ppl proficiency check first, or a lapl skill test,then what forms does he need please?