View Full Version : B737NG electrical power up

5th Mar 2019, 06:50
Hi flyers
I'm currently doing the B737NG type-rating course,we're at the fixed base stage.However my instructor wants me to organise a flow for the Power up, when I get into the sim before I sat down he wants me to power up while standing up by checking the breakers and the emergency equipment.Anybody to direct me to an organised flow pattern to do it?I appreciate your help

5th Mar 2019, 07:05
You have the 737 NG already: (https://www.pprune.org/middle-east/524996-faa-atp-checkride-dubai.html#post8086851)
Thanks very much Niner Fiver i'll give them a ring and find out.For your information i'm current FO on ghe 737 NG with 1400 on the machine,i suppose 3 sessions is good enough to prep me for the checkride.