View Full Version : Seeking retired media-friendly pilots and other aviation professionals

3rd Mar 2019, 10:47
Hi everyone,

This may not be the right forum for this, so I apologise in advance if it isn't. I'm a journalist, the BBC's Transport Producer in a previous life. I'm now freelance, but I still maintain an interest in aviation (hard not to when you're married to a pilot) so I am cognizant of the outcry from people in the industry whenever there's a major aviation story and journalists book someone to talk on air who they feel is not credible.

I've decided finally to try to do something about this, so to this end, I'm seeking retired pilots, ATCs, engineers and other aviation professionals who are prepared to talk to the media at times like these. I'd also love your suggestions for existing specialist journalists / commentators whom you trust. I'm going to assemble a blog post with these names, and then I'll circulate it among my journalist colleagues. Then maybe, the next time something awful happens, the person Sky/ITN/the BBC book will be someone who's actually flown that plane /maintained that engine / worked at that airport.

If you're interested, you can email me (victo[email protected]) or drop me a line on Twitter (@toryscott.)