View Full Version : 100 Hour PPL(A) TK

14th Feb 2019, 14:28
I seem to remember somebody at some point telling me about an AltMoc as a get out of the 100hours TK requirement.

The AltMoc spreadsheet references 2014-00001 and 2014-00016 issued by the UK CAA and French DGAC - that's the closest that I can find (AMC1 to 210 and 215), reference wise. However, I cannot find the actual text.

Was I just dreaming this, or does somebody have either the text of the above AltMocs or another reference in play?

14th Feb 2019, 14:50
No, you were not dreaming it. I believe it came out in an IN, but I can find no trace of it. I have the 2013 IN introducing the100 hour requirement in 2013, but the one offering an alternative method seems to have disappeared. It would have been about 2015.

14th Feb 2019, 15:59
CAP 1721 page 50 CAP1721: Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMoCs) (http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/CAP1721)