View Full Version : Three hospitalised after turbulence forces US Delta flight to make emergency landing

14th Feb 2019, 08:23
From stuff.co.nz

Severe turbulence caused a US flight carrying about 60 people from California to Washington state to "nosedive, twice".

Five people were injured and three were hospitalised after airline officials say the turbulence forced the flight to land in Reno, Nevada.

Two customers and one flight attendant were taken to a hospital, but officials could not detail the extent of their injuries.

"There were people who were shaken up, understandably," Reno-Tahoe International Airport spokesman Brian Kulpin said, adding that everyone who exited the plane was conscious.
A spokeswoman for the airline said the Compass Airlines flight, operating as Delta, landed safely.

The diverted passengers were taken to a private room where airline staff bought them pizza and soft drinks as they awaited their next flight to Seattle.

Passenger Joe Justice wrote on Twitter that the flight experienced "crazy turbulence and injuries, but the @delta crew handled it perfectly, even the emergency landing."

He posted a brief video which appears to show a cart that overturned because of the harsh conditions.

In a separate post, Justice wrote the plane "did a nose dive, twice," but commended the crew for managing the situation.

14th Feb 2019, 11:48
Per DailyMail (sorry, it hasn't been picked up by better media):

The National Weather Service had warned pilots of 'downright dangerous flying conditions with moderate to extreme turbulence'.
'This is a particularly dangerous situation for aviation in the lee of the Sierra over the next few days,' the weather service said Wednesday.

https://cimg7.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune.org-vbulletin/619x793/delta1_e1550121793685_c773bd01663b1544f69477adea783402a2951e cb.jpg

14th Feb 2019, 12:38
It was rough everywhere up there. Why the drinks trolley was out, is a question that needs an answer.

14th Feb 2019, 16:19
Let's be grateful that the cart did not come down on a seat row.

Hotel Tango
14th Feb 2019, 16:34
It was rough everywhere up there. Why the drinks trolley was out, is a question that needs an answer.

Maybe just not forecast where they were? You never really know with turbulence do you. On a recent flight from Europe to the USA, about mid atlantic, the cockpit warned of possible moderate turbulence and even had the cabin crew take their seats. I sat there waiting for the inevitable bumpy ride......and not a ripple, nothing, nix, nada. This is not a criticism of the cockpit who had good reason to play safe, but just an example of how unpredictable it can be either way.

14th Feb 2019, 17:50
Dont know just where they were when hit the downdraft- but generally between vegas and seattle along the sierras near bishop - the area is noted for major wind issues- sused for testing of the electra -flutter mode - to find out why wings came off ( was due to engine mounts and ' whirl mode ) Glider pilots have set altitude records there also ..

14th Feb 2019, 18:36
Landed this morning LAX cmng from Europe, it was rough over the Rocky's/Sierras. We dropped 300ft due large wind shift and AP didn't hold. AP kicking off in turb on this a/c is a first for me(74-4). Loved having the separate pitch/roll AP mode on the 74-2, you just clanged the pitch and roll via those thumb wheels, AP trimming was 1/2 rate I believe, it worked wonderful, even going trough CB's. Just forgot what that system was called.
Respect for the jet jockeys in those regional hoppers.

14th Feb 2019, 19:52
Maybe it's time for the dispatchers to subscribe to the mountain wave forecasts the glider pilots use. Yes, Reno is a prime mountain wave site.

Have a look at Skysight.io which can forecast wave profiles.