View Full Version : Letters of Authorization B034, C06 and international operations.

17th Jan 2019, 20:05
Thoughts please and greetings from US.

As a newly registered CL604 operator in the US we applied for several LOA's the day before the US government shutdown (we are Part 91 non AOC) obviously LOA's are not happening... we even debated deregistering the aircraft (For T7 or IOM) but abandoned that idea for various reasons.

Having solely operated aircraft with LOA's for many years we are pondering about our limitations. We probably operate 90% of the time overseas (LAM, SAM, EU and ME) so even the boon to operate in continental US in RVSM airspace soon without an LOA does not help us that much...

As a side comment we are fully equipped FANS 1/A+ aircraft.

The question boils down to how are LAM, SAM and EU operators flying below 29000 feet (requiring B034 & C063) managing the issue, I am wondering about King Air Operators or high performance turbines that live below 29K feet do you have LOA's? What sort of document do you carry if you don't have an LOA?

I reached out to Aviation Manuals (our editor) and Arinc Direct our flight planning tool provider and they are equally confused on what to do as I await some answers from them, I thought that I would put it out here as well.



B034 Terminal and Enroute Airspace designated as BRNAV/PRNAV
C063 RNAV and RNP Terminal Operations